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    Helena's Holiday Gift Picks

    Helena's Holiday Gift Picks

    Looking for last-minute gift ideas or the perfect stocking stuffers? Whether for an avid golfer or someone that just picked up the game, Rocket Tour has your bag covered. Get shopping with Founder Helena Stanton’s 2019 Holiday Gift Picks: 

    #1 – Black / White and Red Gift Set #11

     A personal favorite and often sported on my personal bag  - This flagship look has been the best seller since we founded Rocket Tour. The classic color combination features our new 2-stripe driver pom-pom and hybrid skinny stick headcovers.

     #2 – Collegiate Stripes

     No better time to gear up for the upcoming golf season than with some school pride. We outfit many of the top collegiate golf teams, so any die-hard fan will be ready to go with their favorite stripes.

     #3 – Skinny Stick USA Flag Hybrid Cover  

    A clear choice for the patriotic golfer on your list.  

     #4 – Hot Pink

    Want to make your leading lady’s bag pop? Then the pom-pom rugby stripes are a must. This fan favorite will make any bag stand out from its ordinary counterparts.

     #5 – The Shorty

     The new kid on the block is making friends fast. Add the small and easy Shorty headcover for the minimalist on your list.


    Harvey Penick’s Little Red Book- It’s required reading for all players and fans of the game. From beginners to seasoned pros, it will make you fall in love with golf all over again.



    Down, Set, Stripe it

    Down, Set, Stripe it

    It’s finally that time of year. Leaves are changing shade, and the air is becoming a bit cooler, but to the sports world, fall means one thing: football. Professional, collegiate, flag, youth, fantasy leagues, you name it - Americans are captivated by the pigskin each weekend. Games draw devoted sports fans in the thousands to stadiums, tailgates and watch parties for hours to cheer on their favorite teams. For the diehard, the unwavering support does not stop when the game is over, the fandom is a way of life... think t-shirts, custom jerseys, man caves, and in our case, golf headcovers.

    At Rocket Tour, the autumn months also mean one of the best seasons on the golf calendar. Depending on location of course, there simply isn’t anything better than striping it down a fairway lined with multi-colored foliage and immediately feeling relaxed when a nice, cool breeze hits. The conversation amongst each foursome changes from summer trips and the never-ending heat wave to who is playing on the football field that afternoon.

    When football and golf come together, Rocket Tour headcovers are the best way to show your pride. Founder Helena Stanton has built relationships with over 200 NCAA Division 1 schools to make Rocket Tour the market leader in collegiate golf headcovers. Whether it’s an alma mater or hometown team, Rocket Tour has your favorite squad – and fairway woods – covered.

    The AP Top 25 may decide the week’s best teams, but here are Founder Helena Stanton’s top 5 headcovers for October:

    1. LSU

    2. University of Washington

    3. Texas

    4.Ohio State

    5. Miami

    Golf Club Headcovers





    Fly Your Ryder Cup Flag

    Custom Headcovers

    Fly Your Ryder Cup Flag

    Following Team Europe’s win at the 2012 Ryder Cup, professional golfer Ian Poulter was asked why he could not adapt his mastery in match play to win a major. He responded, “I’ve got more pride and passion to play in the Ryder Cup.”

    Team Europe had just come back from a large deficit on the final day of competition to shock Team USA on its home soil. No easy feat when America had the likes of Tiger Woods, Bubba Watson, Matt Kuchar and Phil Mickelson. Poulter won all four of his matches throughout the weekend. The Englishman added, “…if I don’t win another golf tournament from here, this will go down as the highlight of my golfing career.”

    It is evident Poulter relishes competition and the chance to come together with his European compatriots to take on the Americans every two years. Golf is usually an individual sport so opportunities to contribute to a Ryder Cup team is a breath of fresh air for the top players in the world. There is a newfound passion when each player is not just playing for themselves, but for the country they represent.

    At Rocket Tour, we love Poulter’s spirit because it is exactly what we hope for in all golfers. We want to inspire everyone that steps on the golf course to feel the same motivation whether it be for their club, team, family or country. We encourage golfers to “fly their flag” with pride.

    The Ryder Cup is special because the only prize on the line is bragging rights. There’s a nice team trophy but no money or individual honors. It comes down to how well one team performs over the other. It’s about the ultimate fight for the teammate next to them.

    Our products are assembled here in the U.S., so we’ll be supporting our national team to retain the Ryder Cup in France this week. However, we look forward to watching all the flags fly over there - win or lose.

    The teams and players should be feeling the honor to represent their country’s colors. All that’s left to do is #StripeIt.